Heavy Metal Club

Alannah Ramirez, Staff Writer

If anyone at Joliet West has ever wanted to share their love of heavy metal/punk rock, this is a club for them. Whomever prefers this genre of music over the upbeat, repetitive, overdone pop and dance genre would find themselves welcome in a circle of like-minded individuals. Those who find themselves alienated because of their interests won’t feel alone.

What they do includes listening parties for when members bring in their favorite albums, viewing programs and films regarding heavy metal, and finding out about new bands or new albums. Groups or artists they listen to depends on what each participant brings to the club;it varies from person to person. They may bring in old and new albums alike, obscure and well-known, ect.

Mr. Chellino, the head of the Heavy Metal Club, plays the drums and guitar. He and the club members may look into bringing in some instruments to showcase their skills, and perhaps teach some students to play instruments in the future. It would serve as a part-time music class as well, which might encourage more people to join.

Meetings are usually on every other Tuesday after school (from 3:20 to 4:15) in room B104. Because this is after school, being in this club will not get in the way of important classes and activities. Joining the Heavy Metal club does not have specific prerequisites, unlike other clubs such as French Honors Society or NHS. All that is needed is a love for heavy metal and the desire to let it be known. There is no penalty for leaving the club, so if one feels as if they are losing interest, there is nothing wrong with that.

They had just opened up this year, so they are still in development. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.