Senior Pranks; no joking matter

One of the perks of graduating high school as a senior is doing a senior prank to make sure your class’ mark is left on the school long after you graduate. However, in Teaneck, New Jersey 62 students were arrested for their senior prank that included spreading toilet paper, hot dogs, petroleum jelly, balloons and urine down the hallways of their school. The Los Angeles Times reports that of the students caught, 24 of them were 18 or older, and charged in adult court on charges of burglary and criminal mischief.
As some Joliet West students gear up for their final stretch the school year, Seniors are considering if doing a senior prank is really worth getting in trouble. Senior Ashley Satcher reports, “Pranks aren’t worth if you’re not able to walk across the stage,” referencing Dr. Gibson’s reminders to Seniors that pranks will result in loss of being able to join the graduation ceremony and other threatening consequences. “However, I do believe that whatever the seniors decide to do should be fun and not disrupt our school day,” concludes Satcher.
There has been conversation surrounding what seniors are doing this year for their senior prank, as teachers and students alike have heard of pranks ranging from students laying down in the hallways to more explicit ways of pranking. Journalism and English 3 teacher Jennifer Galloy explains her experiences with senior pranking, “One year some students put baby oil on the stairs and handrails and everyone was falling and slipping on the stairs! We had to block off the area to clean it up, and oil is really hard to remove. This was no joking matter!”
Whether or not this years’ seniors choose to go through with their senior prank, the legacy of the class of 2014 is surely to live on as being known as the fiftieth graduating class of Joliet West.