Your life, their hands

Sydney Czyzon, Views Editor

Psychopaths are virtually unemotional human beings, living an ambiguously inconspicuous existence. Typically, they act in an average manner, smiling and talking with those around them; however, this is merely counterfeit behavior that covers for their insensitive personalities. Their charm is impressive, their IQ is generally remarkable, and self-centeredness is a prominent characteristic.

Naturally, people don’t seem to contemplate whether the people that they have brief interactions with on a daily basis may have psychological issues. It isn’t something that is commonly thought about or mentally debated due to the fact that most of the youth isn’t aware of the surprisingly probable likelihood. On top of this, many adolescents aren’t properly educated or comfortable with the slightly frightening topic.

One well-known psychopath goes by the name of Levi King, whose troubled state of mind was prevalent early on in life. When he was younger, he was angrily inclined to actually set his sister’s room aflame. He heartlessly and continuously shot his cat until it was left in pieces. Furthermore, the irrational teenager broke into a home spontaneously and set it on fire with no motive whatsoever. At the age of 20, he was under-diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He expressed no remorse for his actions and went on to participate in a 2005 killing spree that led him to earn life in prison.

Levi King obtained very obvious signs of being psychopathic, but was still allotted freedom when his age deemed him as not being a serious psychopath. Most people tend to encounter much subtler symptoms than King, but they almost always lead to noticeably alarming actions. Some of these precursors include a diminutive willpower, manipulative qualities, an absence of long-term goals, selfishness, and an inability to blame oneself or take proper responsibility.

According to Psychologist Martha Stout’s novel entitled, “The Sociopath Next Door,” which was published in 2006, approximately 4% of America’s population is sociopathic, a term nearly identical in meaning when compared with the word, ‘psychopath.’ Even though the statistic doesn’t seem that drastic, this number amounts to about 12 million U.S. citizens. It would be fair to infer that the majority of unsolved murder mysteries nationwide attain suspects that are mentally unstable psychopaths.

In continuance, the FBI’s official website states that one-third of prisoners are claimed to be psychopaths. The reasoning behind this information is courtesy of the lack of remorse that dominates the disturbing identities of some sociopaths. Delinquency is heavily associated with the psychopathy of countless Americans, and is currently being vigorously researched to ensure a safer and more secure society in years to come.

In relation to the subject at hand, school security is a crucial tactic to prevent the aimless actions of mentally endangered teens. As of February 2014, there have been about 500 deaths due to violence at school over the course of a 20-year period. Although this number isn’t outrageously high, each person held their own unique significance and mortality should be prevented at every cost. The U.S. can’t possibly face another rampant death toll because of unfortunate circumstances within schools; security forces should make tedious effort to guarantee that students can commute without harm. Also, in 2007, CSO Online: Security and Risk released the astounding fact that 5.5% of students in kindergarten through grade 12 experienced a violent crime or theft while at school. Instead of vague metal detector and backpack checks occasionally, school faculties should consider forthcoming innovations.

In synopsis, the high amount of unremorseful, concealed, and dangerous psychopathic individuals should be controlled and regulated by more vigorous regulations. At any time, anyone around you holds your life in their hands; it’s time to recognize the possibility of a significant safety breach and to take further precautions for adolescents across the country and worldwide.