What your dreams say about you

Rachel Buechel and Mike Maticka, News Editor and Entertainment Editor

We have all had those nights where we lie awake in bed shaken by the dreams that we just had. All sorts of questions may be flying through our heads, but we may never know the exact reason that we had that dream. Whether we were swimming deep underwater with sharks and anglerfish circling around us or flying high above the clouds or even walking into school naked, we have all had those dreams that have stuck with us for some reason. These are the five most common dreams that teenagers have and why we have them.

1. Missing your bus – in this type of dream, the dreamer is usually running to catch up with some form of transportation only to miss it by a few seconds. The dream usually ends with the dreamer feeling very frustrated with what just happened. This dream could also take the shape of the dreamer missing an important event or performance with the same end result. The meaning behind this dream is that the dreamer may feel that they have missed out on a special opportunity in real life.

2. Failing a test – in this type of dream, the dreamer is usually panicked right before a large exam in the form of not finding the room in time or missing a number two pencil. This could lead to the dreamer failing the exam and feeling very frustrated. The meaning behind this dream is that the dreamer may be feeling tested in some area of their real life. The dreamer may also feel like they are unprepared for something that is happening in their life.

3. Teeth falling out- In this dream most people would think that has something to do with the dental hygiene. But actually it means that there is a lack of self confidence in yourself. There can also be a sense of embarrassment that you have recently been feeling. If you act calming while your teeth are falling out, it represents being able to overcome yourself

4. Dying- To dream that you are dying represents inner changes, transformation, and self-discovery. Especially in a phase were you are going through a lot of stress and transitioning in your life. It represents that you are becoming more spiritual. But there is more than one meaning to dying in a dream. You may also come from a fear about dying, and it can also come from an involvement in painful or unhealthy relationships.

5. Celebrities- To have a dream where you are a celebrity means that that your aspirations may be beyond your reach at that moment in time. And that you might just end up letting yourself down. To dream about a certain celebrity mean that you are relating to what that celebrity stands for. Yet, it may just be an obsession with that celebrity always being on your mind. When something is constantly on your mind there may be a great chance it will show up in your dreams.

Although dreams can be weird mostly our dreams have something to do with what we are thinking about that day. But when it comes to the dreams that have really nothing to do with your life or your day, it can change the perspective on everything you have been thinking about. Most people feel dreams are nothing very important. But your brain is trying to teach you lessons when it is turned off for the night.