Junior service learning project

Lauren Johnson, contributing writer

Mrs. Galloy’s Journalism 1 class has taken on the task of creating an informational video for the junior class’ service learning project, which is a portion of their final semester grade. The class has been broken up into categories such as filmers, interviewers, and script writers to interview students and staff’s thoughts on how this project will help improve the character of the students at Joliet West and why this would be an important aspect of the junior curriculum.  Also to help bring the video to life along with these students are seniors Ashley Satcher, Aleks Stobbe, Valencia Chandler and Lauren Johnson who are directing the video.

The service learning project is giving juniors a chance to venture into their communities to offer help and realize their efforts whether they are big or small can effect societal change. Junior Jude Suriaga says, “Teachers are trying to incorporate generosity and character into the curriculum so you are not just earning a grade, but you earn more appreciation for yourself.”

Along with teachers, students will be featuring clubs such as Key Club, No Name, S.O.S and NHS for their motives of serving the community, and words of advice for students new to serving their community.

The questions the students are assigned to answer are: how do Americans express commitment to valued causes and how does that impact societal change and how strongly does one’s individual contribution impact society as a whole? Also the junior English III teachers have also given the students four options to assess these questions, including helping out with a school sponsored event or helping out with a group/cause you personally support.

Senior Destinee Taques shares her thoughts on the opportunities these juniors get by saying, “This opportunity helps students not only make a change in their community but also in themselves, they help to make a difference and when they do it makes them feel good knowing they too can make a change individually.”