Interpret this

Rachel Buechel, News Editor

This year group interpretation interprets the tale of a lost fish and his father on a journey to find him. The Pixar Classic Finding Nemo to be exact.

Group interpretation is a group of kids taking any book or movie and making it their own with a few twists. One twist for instance would be that the performers have to be the same including outfit choice and hair. Also the performers do not look at each other when they perform, constantly looking straight at the audience. Another interesting aspect is that the performers do not use props, but in fact their bodies to make the props. The Ensemble is where performers all talk at once while narrating the story happening in front of their faces,

Senior Skylar Chism states “It’s very cool because we get to be extremely creative. We form a very strong bond, just like a family. It’s almost like an alternative sport.”

In years past group interpretation has performed many well-known movies. For example, last year performing “Tuck Everlasting”, and the year before that “The Breakfast club”. The performers can receive individual All Cast awards. An All Cast award is an individual award received by an outstanding performer in the cast.

Group Interpretation takes finding to a level by competing with other schools. Getting scored through various parts of the performances getting ranked along with the other schools. This year group interpretation will be competing on March 15 and also March 22. With in school performances on March 19.