Dressing to the nines

Mike Maticka and Rachel Buechel, Entertainment Editor and News Editor

With Halloween just around the corner, many trick-or-treaters are scrambling around looking for some last minute costumes for the special night. Over the years, trends in Halloween get-ups has changed and this year is no different. As to keep Halloween goers from dressing up in the same vampire or witch costumes from second grade, here are some of the most creative costume ideas, in no particular order, for guys in 2013:

1. A shark from “Sharknado” — an infamous movie that sent a shockwave through pop culture this summer featured a storm of sharks terrorizing the nation with a downpour of ferocious sea beasts. With a simple blue face painting, an added dorsal fin, and some gruesome chompers, a sea of sharks may be swirling around town on Halloween night.

2. Robin Thicke at the VMAs — there was nothing blurred about the lines on Thicke’s jacket/pant combination at the VMAs. Along with Miley Cyrus’ twerking bit, another main talking point during their collaboration was Robin’s insane Beetlejuice outfit. This striped ensemble is the perfect idea for any guy that wants to get pennies thrown at him on Halloween night.

3. Harry Styles doing anything ever — one fifth of the world famous boy band One Direction, Harry Styles often sports a tee shirt, skinny jeans, and some sort of hat. One of the simplest parts of the costume is the singer’s bed head type hair. An added feature of the costume could be a swarm of screaming fans.

4. The ball that wrecked Miley Cyrus — Although this ball had an extremely difficult task to do, the costume is relatively easy to pull off. With a simple grey blowup morph suit, anybody could be the wrecking ball that was featured in Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” music video.

5. Kanye West — with a simple black hoodie, dark shades, and a mouth full of foul language, anybody could be the rapper turned fashion mogul turned paparazzi tyrant. With the option to carry around a baby that looks nothing like the mother or father, this costume is sure to get everyone’s attention. However, if you are in fact Kanye West, you will take all the attention you can get.


And now for some costume ideas for the ladies of 2013. Make a statement with some super creative costumes instead of a really expensive costume that is on the rather short side. Something as easy but more creative then wearing cowboy boots or all black and cat ears.


6. Blue Ivy/North West/Royal Baby —these babies have had quite an influence of media over this last year. You can defiantly take this costume literally as in dressing up as a baby diaper and all, or you can take the funnier approach. For example paint your face blue and pull some weeds from your garden. Or you can make a cardboard compass and wear it around your neck.

7. Miley Cyrus at the VMAs—this costume can defiantly be a couples costume for number two and number four. This is very easy to do last minute all you need is a foam finger and a teddy bear for accessories. For the actual outfit all you need is some skin colored booty shorts and bra, put your hair up in pigtail twists and keep your tongue out of your mouth all night long.

8. Statue of Liberty— or any other national monuments would do. This one is as easy as a fake torch, a book and a green sheet. You can always go an extra step in painting your whole body green. Maybe get your friends together and go as Mount Rushmore. There are many other monuments to choose from as well.

9. Camel—even though Halloween falls on a Thursday, it defiantly being a fun night yelling guess what day it was yesterday. It can also be a two person costume, get a friend or a significant other in the other end of the camel with you.

10. Mug shot celebrities – Many celebrities have had some glorious mug shots over this past year, now it’s your chance to recreate them. It is actually very little effort, go to sleep with a full face of make and wake up looking like you have partied a little too hard.