Door decorating superstar

Rachel Buechel, News Editor

Every year during homecoming week each advisory teacher has a competition to decorate their door to the theme of homecoming. Most teachers do not participate in it, however there is one teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure she shows her school spirit.

For many years now Mrs. Blake has put her effort in and shown her school spirit through her door. Using her students to help create the most original theme they can think of, Mrs. Blake goes all out on what she can because she takes school spirit very seriously, and claims that glitter excites her very much. “I’ve always loved Homecoming Spirit Week and get involved with all aspects of it, “says Mrs. Blake

The second day of school is when business gets booming, and the planning for the door starts. Most advisory periods and stay after school for a few days are dedicate themselves to putting all the pieces into place for the door. This year, it especially took time cutting out each of the individual leaves and placing on the tree. The amount of effort that goes into the door makes it much more special when winning. But it usually takes time for the excitement and school spirit to be spread around her classroom.

“You can’t make people have spirit, and some people just don’t like arts and crafts. That being said, the students in my advisory aren’t always motivated right away – I have to get them psyched and excited about it!” says Blake about school spirit.

Even though Mrs. Blake’s advisory won first place all of the winners (1st 2nd and 3rd) got a pizza party for their effort. It was a great effort and any chance to show school spirit should be rewarded. Most teacher do not end up decorating their doors though.  Next year encourage your advisory teacher to make school a little more creative, maybe even a chance to win a pizza party yourself.