Red Ribbon Week

Ashley Satcher, contributing writer

On February 7, 1987 Enrique Camarena, a Mexican-American undercover agent for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, was abducted in Mexico. Enrique was tortured and murdered on February 9, 1985 in broad daylight.

“To honor Enrique Camarena, Red Ribbon Week became national,” said Deb Burroughs, sponsor of the No Name Club.

Red Ribbon Week is dedicated to promote kids against tobacco usage so that students will understand how harmful drugs are to a person’s body.

One activity to spread awareness involves the members of the No Name Club decorating the school hallways. “This will take place the last week of October,” said Burroughs.

In addition to decorating the hallways, each year a new theme is picked to get people aware of drugs according to Kayla Washington, President of the No Name Club.

Every year a catchy phrase is made up by the No Name group to create a theme. With the new themes every year, new props are used to promote the new theme that is being used as decorations for the halls throughout the school.

This year’s theme is “Don’t Bug with Drugs” according to Washington. For the theme, the visual part of the decorations this year is “a lady bug theme” said Washington.

Being able to decorate and celebrate Red Ribbon Week is “really fun” said Washington.

“Knowing that the decorations are being put up to honor Enrique Camarena is really amazing,” said Francesca Salamat, senior officer of the No Name Club.

“Having drug free week really get the students involved….Especially since Red Ribbon Week is also a spirit week for the school,” said Salamat.

“During Red Ribbon Week, when students participate, they can win different kinds of prizes,” said Salamat.