Fads and trends from 2007 to 2010

Jenny Glasscock, staff writer

Every year has its clothing fads and trends. Some styles are fads that we would call embarrassing when we look back on, ones that died out soon after becoming popular. Other styles are trends that are more fashionable and acceptable to wear today. This ‘throwback’ list of fashions will take a look at what was popular among people our age from 2007 to 2010.

7. Jean shorts with leggings. This was a fashion that looked good if the leggings matched the shirt, but it could quickly turn into a disaster if patterns clashed. This is more of a fad because it’s not common to see people wearing this style nowadays.

6. Hollister clothes. Hollister really became popular during this time. Everywhere you looked, someone was wearing some type of clothing from there. Many people still shop from there and enjoy their clothes, so it’s considered a trend.

5. Coats with furry hoods. Before pea coats became ultra-popular in the winter, there were coats with furry hoods. These coats are a trend because they’re still worn by many during the wintertime, although they’re becoming less common.

4. Straight, long hair for girls and shaggy hair for boys. The most popular way for girls to style their hair was to straighten it. Many had long hair. For boys, many had shaggy hair because having the ‘skater’ look was in. These hairstyles are a fad because now girls don’t wear the same long hair anymore, and boys wear shorter hair as opposed to shaggy.

3. Ugg boots and converse shoes. Uggs went along great with those furry-hooded coats for the winter. During every other time of the year, wearing converse shoes was the coolest. It was even better if you had a lot of different colored pairs! These shoes are a trend because although they don’t have as much of hype, they’re still frequently worn.

2. Skinny jeans. Someone wearing anything other jeans than skinny jeans was rare from 2007 to 2010. They’re a trend because they were, and still are, everywhere you look.

1. Silly bandz. How did these even become popular? They’re just colored rubber bands in the shape of animals and other random things. People liked to collect them, and then wear all of them to school or show off how many they had on Facebook. Silly bandz were a fad because they never you never see anyone wearing them in high school. Although getting rid of them from our style probably has a lot to do with getting older.

The fashions that were popular among us from 2007 to 2010 have definitely evolved. Some styles we still wear today, others have disappeared for the most part (and maybe for the best). Either way, our children and grandchildren will probably look at pictures of our fashions and say, “What were you thinking?”