Supporting the society

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

Many students at Joliet West are in need of community service hours and there may be some hope for students whose time is running out.

Key club offers a clever way for students to earn an enormous amount of community service. Through volunteer work, Key club closes the gap between community and the school. The Key club, also known as the Kiwanis club, is the largest and oldest community service program for high school students around the world. The club is open to all students willing to service the community by accomplishing acts of kindness such as cleaning up parks, establishing clothing and food drives, reading books to young children, and organizing communal events for senior citizens in assisted living centers. The club is run by Miss Monninger. Students meet in room A23 every other Wednesday during first period.

Students of Service, otherwise known as SOS, is another initiative to push students to be an active participant in their community. The club was founded in 2008 by Doctor Cheryl McCarthy and Mrs. Carol Collins. Members have raised thousands of dollars for organizations just as Morning Star Mission and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life through a series of events. The Joliet Rotary Club officially greeted the Students of Service into Rotary as an Interact Club is 2009. Since then, the club has developed enormously and is confident they will carry on their powerful encouragement into the entire community.

Regardless of which club a student chooses to join to boost their community service hours, they will certainly gain a lot of knowledge and experience from helping the community.