Thousands of shades of expression

Sam Kessler, Copy Editor

Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves, whether it is through clothes, music, hair, art, or writing, the list goes on and on. But one of the simplest ways for someone to express who they are, at least for girls (and maybe some guys), is through nail polish. Nail polish is a great way to express oneself because it adds a simple touch to every outfit, no matter the color. But with so many brands and ranging prices, it can be difficult to find the best polishes for the best prices. With trial and error-which I have already done- the best polishes are right at your fingertips.

One of the best nail polish brands out there is OPI, which is surprising since the company originally started out as dental products company. The company realized that nail salons were buying acrylic porcelains and they could make a safer product. After that part of the business took off, eight years later they expanded into nail polish. Nevertheless, OPI is one of brands who are constantly awarded best nail polish of the year and awards of the like. The most recent award was “The Glammies” which are beauty awards conducted by Glamour for the past eight years (this was OPI’s third year winning). OPI is known for their electric colors that are constantly changing as well as the quirky names that given to each color. Also, not only is OPI a fun brand but it’s also a good one. The polish goes on nice and stays on. Another perk of OPI is the extras the company has, like the drying drops. The drops dry the nail polish to the touch in 60 seconds and are completely dry in five minutes. The best part is, they actually work. OPI regular nail polish cost $8.50.

Another great brand is Essie. Essie started in Las Vegas in the ‘80s with only 12 shades in the collection. Those 12 shades grew to over 200 shades in the past three decades. In the earlier days of the company, Essie Weingarten, the president, was so paranoid that other companies would steal the names of her polishes that she trademarked four of the names right away, which are Ballet Slippers, Precious Pink, Baby’s Breath, and Marsh-mallow. Today, Essie’s polishes are sparkly, bright, as well as dark. There’s a color for every mood. The best part about Essie nail polish is that it goes on smoothly and cover in only one coat if need be. The regular price for Essie is $8.00.

Another great brand is Zoya. The shades are much lighter, even though they still have dark colors; the majority of the polishes are quite light and airy. Even though it’s harder to find, it’s definitely worth the search. Like Essie polishes, the shades go on smoothly and are just thick enough for one coat to enough. What’s different about Essie is how they name each color. Every shade is named with a different female’s name. The names usually come from a women who has had power of some sort, or are historical in one way or another. Polishes usually sell for $8.00 and can more commonly be found online than in stores.

Nail polish is a simple and easy way to express oneself for a relatively low cost and these are some of the best brands in the market.