Radio stations for all

Rebecca Haller, News Editor

Music is extremely important in today’s society, especially among teenagers. If you don’t enjoy music then you pulse has probably already stopped. The most popular destination for young music lover is the radio, whether that be online or an actual station. If you’re having trouble being lost in a world full of endless radio stations, don’t worry because that’s why Tiger Tales is bringing you this article, to inform you on all great stations to keep on your car radio settings. Love the all the hit songs, from pop to rap? It sounds like 103.5 KISS FM is the perfect station for you. KISS plays all the catchy, upbeat songs and is constantly streaming new music. Between music, the regular DJs talk about very entertaining subjects to keep you entertained even during music breaks. Alternative music has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, good news, so has alternative radio stations. Alternative music branches out to so many other types of music because it commonly incorporates many different genres. Many popular stations for alternative include 90.7 FM, which is described as very relaxing and don’t over play songs often. Also 93.1 XRT plays a mix of alternative and classic rock and reviewed by copy editor, Anna Smiek says “They never play a bad song; it’s always good music, song after song.” Classic Rock may be one of the most important genres of music out there, because let’s face it, it classic. From the Beatles to Aerosmith, 97.1 The Drive, will play it. This station is famous for its annual listening events like the A-Z music, where all the music The Drive has is played in order and they have album competitions where the listeners get to vote on their favorite albums. Another great station for classic rock is 100.7 RXQ, which has a “Nonstop, Rock Block.” Where the station plays all the classic rock you love without any commercials. Latin music is always very fresh and has a spicy flavor to the music, which is why so many people love to listen to it. 93.5 La Kalle have all the latest Latin music with the addition of more variety for those old school Latin hits. 101.9 The Mix, actually mixes all the popular music from the 90s, 00s, and now, this station is a breath of fresh air with the randomness of the song selections. The mix is also known for mixing genres and they never play the same songs to frequently. Overall this station is a favorite among the Tiger Tales staff. R&B and Rap music are always a must have on a playlist. 107.5 WGCI brings all the great hits straight to your radio. Also they will keep you up to date on all the rap concerts happening throughout the Chicago area. There is never a dull moment listening to WGCI. If you don’t like listening to stations on the radio then the perfect thing is Pandora. Pandora is a free online radio station for those of you that have been hiding under a rock.