Principal earns prestigious title; introducing Dr. Gibson

Alexa Ortiz, Features Editor

For an average high school principal, the goal is to receive a master’s degree. But Mrs. Gibson is no ordinary high school principal. She has decided to further her degree by receiving her doctoral degree in education administration. “Dr.” Gibson attended Aurora University.

“I felt that it was the most natural step,” stated Dr. Gibson, “I really enjoy school and love learning new things.”

Also she has learned new things since she’s been in the district for ten years, but has been teaching for 20 years. To Dr. Gibson, school feels like home and this is the place where she feels comfortable.

When asked what she enjoys most about Joliet West, she responded with numerous answers.

“Well, first, this is where I met my husband Mr. Gibson. I also like the students that attend here as well as the parents. I am glad this is where I will be sending my children.” Mrs. Gibson stated.

Throughout many schools, there are many challenges that come into place, but that does not stop Mrs. Gibson. She is working hard to improve our school each and every day. Making it more of a fantastic surrounding is part of her goal.

“All across America, new schools are in the making. On the outside, these schools may not seem new at all; most people who pass by them notice no difference. These schools are not new because they are new buildings, but because they have a new purpose and operate differently than what we increasingly refer to as ‘regular’ schools,” states The Hayes Mizell Reader.

It also states, “The principal is central to shaping the direction and climate of the school. The phrase, “new principal” refers not only to a different person in the building who holds the position of principal, it means a principal who behaves and leads differently.”

This is a clear statement of what many principles including Dr. Gibson, are doing to improve our school, and surroundings and principals like her, deserve a thank you.