Importance of Red Ribbon Week

Alexa Ortiz, Features Editor

During the week of October 24, schools all across the nation participated in an event known as Red Ribbon Week. We were able to see this year’s theme was, ‘Don’t monkey around with drugs’ because the school hallways were decorated with red ribbons and beach balls with monkeys printed on them by the time students arrived Monday morning. West’s No Name Club was in charge of decorating the hallways and having the annual Grim Reaper Day. They spent most of the Friday before Red Ribbon Week decorating until almost 9:00 at night.

“We spent all night, decorating the hallways, but I believe once the students see these decorations, they will realize other people do care about living a drug-free life” stated No Name Club member, Mayte Noriega.

The history of Red Ribbon Week dates back to 1985, when a special agent from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Enrique (Kiki) S. Camarena was assigned to unlock a multi-billion dollar drug pipeline. Before he was able to expose the drug trafficking operations to the public, he was kidnapped on February 7, 1985. His body was then discovered on March 5, 1985. After his death, close friends and family wore red ribbons and pledged to lead drug-free lives to honor the sacrifices Kiki made. This movement gained recognition throughout California and later spread to other states such as Illinois, and Virginia.

Our school is educated by the No Name Club and its sponsor, Deb Burroughs. “Drug and alcohol abuse is something I take to heart, and it is also something I value and believe. I think students should be aware of its content, which I strongly promote” stated Burroughs.