Students create radio commercials for WJOL

Ricky Diaz, Sports Editor

Joliet West students Joh Wolnik, Rebecca Haller, Hannah Tadey, and Ricky Diaz got an opportunity to work with Kelli Bettenhausen and Tricia L. Simpson the Midwest Public Affairs Manager from Exxon Mobil on making a radio commercial. Kelli and Tricia came to us students on April 5, 2011 with an opportunity make this commercial for Joliet Partners In Education also known as JPIE.  Through this project the students got an opportunity most will not get while Tricia and Kelli get to publicize what they are working for.

The students have to act in a professional manner like a true advertising agency would. While Tricia acts as the client who wants four 60 second ads that will air during the summer on WJOL. She will critique the students and have certain expectations which consist of the commercials informing people what JPIE is all about and persuading people to join JPIE. Also these commercials need to be very professional. Kelli and her help will provide production resources and creative advice to the students.  The advertisements will feature actual participants in JPIE which could be other students, teachers, administrators, and business partners.

When asked about her general thoughts were about being able to participate in this experience “As hard as this job seems I am so excited because this is what I want to go to college for and this is a truly amazing experience.” Hannah Tadey said. Her words describe all of the students’ feelings. Everybody that is a part of the project will meet right after school every Tuesday in the media center for the rest of the school year because the commercials will air throughout the summer.