Talented Teacher in the Spotlight: Ms. Cimino

Jessica Nunez, Editor-in-Chief

Talented teachers are known for their relatable lectures, how dedicated they are to their students and how decorative and appealing their rooms seem to be. While freshmen Algebra teacher, Ms. Cimino, has all of the above listed credentials to be considered as a talented teacher, she has one talent that sets her apart from the rest; embroidery! In just two years, Cimino has been able to perfect her embroidery skills to the point where anyone would think she was born and raised as an embroidery professional. Learn about Ms. Cimino’s journey with embroidery and how her talents have flourished.

How did you get started with embroidery?
Two years ago in August, I saw an adorable shirt that a little girl had on at a birthday party.  It had her name embroidered on the front.  I asked her mom where she got it.  She told me that she does embroidery and has a business.  I was going to ask her to embroider my daughter’s name on a bag for her ballet shoes.  It made me think that maybe this was something I would like to do.  I went out the next day, bought an embroidery machine and the program to go with it!

Do you embroider everything free-hand or do you follow designs?
I have a machine that does the embroidery for me.  I set up designs on the computer program, transfer them to my machine and prep the item I am embroidering.  The machine does the rest.

Do you own a professional business for embroidery?
I wouldn’t call it a business.  I do a lot of embroidery for gifts to give from myself.  People have seen what I do and have asked me to do things for them!

What have you found is the hardest thing to embroider?
Many people like their names on bags.  I can do it, but it is very difficult.  I have a small machine and I am not able to do everything I would like.

How do students and staff at West react to your talents?
Most of my students do not even know that I do embroidery.  My co-workers, however, have been very supportive.  I have had a few people who have had me do work for them.  It is very flattering to me that they like my embroidery enough to ask me to make something for them!

Is there anything else you would like to say about your embroidery?
Embroidery is a lot of fun.  I love trying new things, and I love seeing people and kids wearing something that I have embroidered myself!