Style Watch: Malik Carlvin

Kayla Fink, Features Editor

When you’re an avid fan of the game Kingdom Hearts, dressing like Sora (protagonist of Kingdom Hearts), isn’t an unusual thing to do. Malik Carlvin, senior at Joliet West, has been obsessed with the game for years. After being so familiar with Sora, and his outfit designs, Carlvin began to implement them into his wardrobe. Carlvin says, “I wanted something simple, yet very unique.”

When asked about what trends he doesn’t like, Carlvin replied with, “There is no style that I specifically don’t like, but there are a lot of parts of styles I don’t like. I respect all styles for their time, and each has given me elements that I value in what I wear.” Even though Carlvin’s wardrobe is far from the “norm,” he says if you want to express yourself through clothing, do so. “If someone judges mine or another person’s style, I’d say, so what. No one can dictate who you are inside, and at the end of the day you are who you are,” Carlvin stated.

Spotted around school in his kimonos, one might begin to think, where does someone in Joliet typically find these types of clothing? On a trip to Chicago with his family, Malik Carlvin, visited a thrift shop where they sold kimonos, and his immediate thought was that he had to have one. After such a lucky encounter with finding great items, he’s always on the look-out for something to incorporate into his very different & creative style.

His favorite accessory is undoubtedly his necklace. What he seems to love, is the ability to change the charms on it, according to his mood, and he says each charm carries a different philosophy he follows. If given the chance to buy one item to compliment his style, he said he would get a special necklace. After being asked why he would get a necklace, Carlvin replied with “I’d want something that can represent my feelings at all times.”