I Confess…Anonymously

Denise Cahue, Copy Editor

Sharing a secret has never been easier. Despite not always being able to tell someone you know personally, PostSecret provides an anonymous, nonjudgmental outlet to get your secret off your chest.

 PostSecret began when Frank Warren, the PostSecret founder, had the idea for this medium allowing people to share a hidden aspect of their life. He began by just passing out self addressed postcards to strangers in Washington, D.C. Strangers sent the postcards with their secrets to Warren. Slowly, word spread about PostSecret, and more and more strangers began to send their secrets.

 PostSecret has now gone viral around the world. Warren no longer has to pass out self addressed postcards. Strangers send their secrets on their own. Since the start of PostSecret, four books have been published: PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives, My Secret: A PostSecret Book, The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book, and A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book. Also, a PostSecret website was launched and temporary PostSecret art exhibits take place nationally.

When deciding on which secrets to include in the PostSecret books, Warren looks for surprising or common secrets that represent society as a whole. This makes the secrets strangers share relatable to those who read the secrets.

 On average, Warren receives 100 to 200 anonymous postcards daily. The PostSecret website allows more of these postcards to be displayed to the public. The website is updated weekly, on Sunday. The website also provides any information on upcoming art exhibits.

If interested in PostSecret, you can pick up the PostSecret books at your local bookstore, visit the website at PostSecret.com, or send in your own secret postcard to 13345 Copper Ridge Road Germantown, Maryland 20874.