Corrupt Youth: Why Staying in School is so Important

Kayla Fink, Features Editor

It may not seem like the most important thing in the world to some, but staying in school is the fuel to your future. In 2007, more than 6.2 million students between ages 16 and 24 dropped out a high school. An alarming statistic should be reason enough for any student to continue their education.

Many students say the reason for dropping out was because of skin color or gangs. Schools should emphasize open arms to diverse student populations especially at a time where diversity is being acknowledged as such a positive thing.

The students who are dropping out are usually those who are affiliated with gangs and come from a broken home. Parents should be preaching that the only way to get anywhere in life is to overcome adversity and deal with struggles, just like everyone else has to.

Drugs become an activity for the youth today and are a part of the reason why more and more students are dropping out. Boredom becomes an everyday issue and crimes are more evident. High school dropouts aren’t just affecting themselves but society as well.

Some ways to spot a high school dropout (in the process) is they regularly miss school which leads to poor academics and noninvolvement in extracurricular activities. The student shows a genuine dislike for school, has poor grades and has been retained one or more times. This student has failed three to five classes by high school, struggles with discipline and their family moves a lot.

If this sounds like you or a friend, don’t go the drop out route. Try joining a club or seek counseling to discuss why you think school isn’t for you. If you have goals for yourself, don’t stop now. High school is only 4 years, and nowadays most jobs require at least a high school diploma. In such bad economic times, education may seem costly but it’s ideal to keep going in the long run.