Club Feature: Students of Service

Kayla Fink, Features Editor

If you’ve ever thought about helping out around the community or being part of a club, SOS, also known as Students of Service may be the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to be a part of a great group.

 SOS is all student produced and was created during the 2008 school year at Joliet West High School. The club is sponsored by Dr. Cheryl McCarthy and Mrs. Carol Collins.

SOS has been involved with American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Morning Star Mission. The members of the club have raised thousands of dollars for these organizations. Joliet Rotary Club sponsors the club and formally welcomed SOS into Rotary as an Interact Club in 2009.

Students of Service look for any opportunity to volunteer in the Joliet community. The club is open to any suggestions regarding projects, which range from small to big.

SOS has grown immensely and more and more students are becoming active in the community. Students must complete an application at the end of each year to be considered a member for the beginning of the upcoming school year.

A certain number of standards must be maintained to remain a member. The amount of meetings students miss and the amount of service opportunities students attend are accounted for to make sure members stay active.

Beth Spesia is the President of the club, Sam Scott is the Vice President, Hannah Robinson is the Treasurer, Yuri Lara is Secretary and AJ Galli and Sarah Wysock handle Public Relations for the 2010-2011 school year. The club holds meetings during 1st period, so freshman cannot become members.

 Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization that SOS will become involved with.  Students of Service have two dates set up to assist at the Aurora Feed My Starving Children site. At the site meals are packaged to send to third world countries. Organizers make the atmosphere enjoyable by playing music and having fun while doing something very rewarding.  The organization ships to about 70 countries. “We have two dates to go up this year, which is great,” Sarah Wysock said.

Individuals can help out with Feed My Starving Children but only members are invited to go with Students of Service. Make sure to look out for application deadlines for the 2011-2012 school year as this is a very rewarding club to be a part of.