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10 unique date ideas

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

February 13, 2013

When choosing where to take a girl on a date, you must consider that the date you are going on will help you learn things about the girl you’re dating. Instead of going on a normal dinner and a movie date, try to show your creativity...

For pride or PDA?

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

February 13, 2013

In high school, many of the relationships that students are in end badly. Though they teach many important lessons and values, I believe that they are pointless. As you walk down the hall, you see couples holding hands, making-out,...

Awesome Christmas gifts at awesome prices

Patrick O'Connell, Features Editor

December 12, 2012

Christmas time is always a joyous time for everyone. We decorate our homes, drink hot chocolate, spend time with loved ones, listen to Christmas music, and best of all we shop for gifts. Christmas shopping is always fun, but not...

Lincoln hits the big screen

Alex Seidler, News Editor

December 12, 2012

One of the most prominent presidents of all time has hit the big screen in the historical drama film Lincoln. The 16th president was portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis in the adaptation of the book Team of Rivals: The Political Gen...

Ink Master: now trending

Alex Buldak, Entertainment Editor

December 12, 2012

Tattoos are meaningful visuals placed on our body through the use of ink and a needle. Some may oppose the idea of having one because once put on, they are there forever. There I was one night getting ready for school at night...

Jone’s speaks out against TV

Nick Scheun, staff writer

December 12, 2012

“Two and a Half Men” is hit with controversy when Angus Jone’s, popular actor who plays Jake, suddenly has a change of heart about his show when he calls his show “filth” in a YouTube video because it doesnrt acknowledge...

20 Things Students Want the Nation to Know About Education

March 2, 2012

It's rare for education reformers, policymakers, and  funders to listen to those at the heart of education reform work: The students.  In fact Ann Curry who hosted Education Nation's first *student panel admitted folks at NBC ...

January 18, 2012

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