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Keystone XL Pipeline Oil Spill

Danielle Durak, Entertainment Editor

December 13, 2017

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The Keystone pipeline is an oil pipeline system that runs from Canada to the United States. It was commissioned in 2010 and is owned by the TransCanada corporation. Recently, there have been sparked controversies because the pipeline...

Terrorism in the United Kingdom

Freddy Ortiz, staff writer

September 22, 2017

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Terrorism has existed since the 1700's, from public executions to the current mass murders of innocents. It's an inhumane act justified by inhuman cause; the pinnacle of wrong. Today’s society provides means for terror to strike...

Stood their ground for Standing Rock

Kyle Reed, contributing writer

December 13, 2016

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Oil, a three letter word which is worth millions. From houses to car and airplanes to trains, the United States uses 19.4 million barrels of oil per day. After reading that figure, it shouldn’t no surprise that we are running out of this precious r...

Websites losing their credibility

Alita Stukel, contributing writer

December 13, 2016

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Teachers and students can agree that fake websites have become an issue as of recently, especially when students are trying to find credible websites for classes or trying to get reliable news. Fake news and false information have always been a problem...

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