Tiger Tales

‘Inception’-ally mind-blowing

Sadie McGuire, Entertainment Editor

September 9, 2010

                By judging only by the previews, many viewers are quick to jump to the conclusion that Christopher Nolan’s film Inception is simply two hours filled with mind-blowing special effects: a visual...

Who is Scott Pilgrim?

Taylor Foote, staff writer

September 9, 2010

Who is Scott Pilgrim? According to the official website, “Scott Pilgrim is 23 years old, living in the big city with his gay roommate, just trying to get by in this crazy world. He's in a band. He's lazy. He likes video games.” More...

Jeggings: The New Frontier

Michelle Lega, Copy Editor

September 9, 2010

               Skinny jeans became a popular trend a few years back and as the years have gone on, the jeans have gotten tighter. Leggings have been a staple in the wardrobe, but usually to put under a skirt or dress....

One School, One Book: Maus Review

Anna Simek, staff writer

September 8, 2010

     Our summer reading book, Maus, is a graphic novel that tells about some of Vladek Spiegelman’s experiences through the Holocaust. The most interesting feature of the book is that it casts mice as Jews, cats as Nazis...

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