Variety show: better than ever


The Variety Show went swimmingly this year and featured some of the school’s best talent. With over an hour of musical performances, the night of the show was one to remember.

Jenny Glasscock, Features Editor

The annual Arts & Communications Variety Show, this year titled “Better than Ever,” took place on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 in the Joliet West auditorium. It was produced by Ms. Terri Schrishuhn (“Shoo”), Arts & Communications coordinator. She has been producing the Variety Show for six years now.

The show included 16 acts, which ranged from dancing to singing to playing instruments to rapping and everything in between. Returning acts from years past performed as well as new acts who took to the stage and shined. There were even performances by JTunes (“Still into You”) and the Joliet West Steppers, which made the crowd roar with pride.

Bobby Jones, who danced in the show for his second year said, “It’s nice to have fans and everyone supporting me. This is, however, my last year here at Joliet West. I just want people to remember something cool and fun they had at school before I graduate.”

The Variety Show was constant entertainment from start to finish for all who attended, both students and parents. Charming hosts Jacelyn Carter and Alexis Grantham introduced acts and kept the audience excited for the next performance. They joked around with the audience, called an act back to dance with them, and kept the crowd guessing with their constantly changing wardrobe.

“It’s another opportunity for kids to do the behind-the- scenes thing,” Shoo said.

To put the show together, it took the work of the student crew who were involved. Students took time out of their busy schedule to manage and run the stage and man the lights and music to make the show run as smoothly as it did.

The variety show is a chance every year for kids to gain confidence in performing in front of their peers, and for others to make new friends running the show.

“The variety show adds an element to our school life that our students begin to count on,” Shoo concluded.