Sequels that should be made

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

Everyone knows that one movie that came out 12 years ago that just does not seem complete, right? Whether it may be a Disney Pixar film or a dramatic nonfiction story that in no way could possibly have a sequel, we all have that special movie in mind that we think could use a sequel. Some movies such as Finding Nemo and Star Wars have begun production of sequels that the world has been waiting for. However this just is not enough for movie lovers, they want more! There are several movies that we all want to be made again and again and these are the top five:

  1. “The Incredibles” – Set directly after the events of the first movie, the family picks up back at their home to discover their powerful child. They also get news that there is a destructive super villain in the loose in the city. The family knows that they cannot do it alone so they request the help of all of their super friends including Frozone and other heroes seen in the original movie. Together, they defeat the moleman and live happily ever after until… “THE INCREDIBLES: THE MOLEMAN RETURNS.”
  2. “The Titanic” – Although the events of the first movie were completely plausible and could have actually happened, the sequel could take a complete 180 and go for a more horrifying approach. As the bodies of the victims wade on the water waiting for safety, a few of them begin to get pulled down in the icy ocean, never to be seen again. Year later, another cruise ship is carrying hundreds of passengers through the same water the Titanic once sunk in. As boat malfunctions occur, several passengers report sightings of ghosts on board. What could they be seeing? Could it be… “THE GHOST OF THE TITANIC.”
  3. “Freddy VS Jason” – Perhaps this movie was a little too scary for you the first time, just imagine a sequel that was even more horrifying and gory than the original. As Freddy and Jason battle it out for power one more time, a new horror villain is introduced into the mix. Michael Myers from Halloween could add a terrifying element to the film. Chucky from Child’s Play could be the comic relief of the sequel. Ghostface from Scream would also add a 21st century slasher vibe to the dated character list. Or maybe they could have all five of them and call it… “FREDDY VS JASON VS MICHAEL VS CHUCKY VS GHOSTFACE.”
  4. “Bridesmaids” – As to not disrespect the original movie, as sequels often do, the director and all of the classic actresses return to reprise their roles. This time, the bridesmaids’ party they are planning is for Melissa McCarthy’s character! Maya Rudolph is in the hot seat this time around and she has to battle it out with McCarthy’s soon to be sister in law in order to plan… THE ULTIMATE BRIDESMAID PARTY!
  5. “White Chicks” – Movies do not get much funnier than “White Chicks”, however the sequel would be even more laugh out loud funny than the original. This time, the roles are reversed and the white chicks that the Wayans brothers saved in the first movie need to repay them for all they did. As the Wayans brothers safety is in jeopardy, the two must go in hiding but they request the help of the girls to complete a mission they must finish. As the girls are not trained in anything FBI, hilarious jokes ensue in… “BLACK DUDES!”