A delayed hit

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

Released earlier this year on September 3rd, Bastille’s “Bad Blood” was met with underwhelming reviews. As the album had been released a few months earlier in Europe, American radio stations swept this album under the rug and did not speak of it… Until now.

Although there were three singles before it, the albums fourth release “Pompeii” is Bastille’s first number one hit single. The song has topped the charts in America, Ireland, and a few other major countries. The gigantic indie-rock track features a tribal instrumental with drums and chanting to keep the beat moving. The vocals and lyrics of the song are relatable and are the reason that the song has become such a worldwide smash hit.

As far as the rest of the album goes, most of the unrecognized songs are the ones that listeners need to pay the most attention to. The albums second track “Things We Lost in the Fire” provides a thrilling new sound. The head banger tells a story that is original and it takes listeners on a journey. Other favorites are “Overjoyed,” which sounds like a very happy title, however, the song is the complete opposite. The message of the track is shown in the chorus, which is depressing and very sorrowful. “Icarus” is another song that should be recognized. The baseline of the song surges through the listener and causes them to get up and move. The instrumentals of the album are incredible and they show the Bastille is not just a rock group, but an experimental musician that converts genres every song.

Bastille’s “Bad Blood” may not have been recognized by the general public, however it needs to be shown the proper respect because it is such a monumental album. The short fall of the album is the lack of promotion done by the record label, which may also be the cause of the poor album sales. The album is still fresh in the United States so it still has plenty of time before it is seen on the bargain shelf at Walmart and with “Pompeii” gaining radio airplay daily, the sky is the limit for Bastille.