Music through the ages

Rachel Buechel, News Editor

Music is constantly changing along with the time period. Starting from classical and working up to our modern day music. There is so much music that is created every day, so much that it can get lost in time. There are certain eras of music or bands that will never go away from our culture no matter how old the music is.

For example classical music will always be in our culture. No matter what you do you will always hear famous works and symphony’s playing all over television and in movies even in commercials. Also many songs are just known by society such as Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” or Beethoven’s “Fifth symphony.” Such music will never leave from our timelines considering it is what made our music today.There are certain bands and ears as well that have influenced music so much that they will be timeless for example The Beatles. Everyone knows Beatles song or have heard it at some point. They are everywhere. Being such a huge influence on music with extreme fans and many hits, The Beatles can never leave the timeline of music. They will forever be played for generations upon generations.

There are certain eras of music that will never be forgotten in music timelines. For example the classic rock genre will always be remembered. Being passed from generation to generation. With such personal feelings that remind you of your father or your grandfather, there seems to be such a connection to the music.

Another thing is that our music today will be considered timeless. Even though same may argue that it isn’t that same or as good as music was in the past. Yet, that is what music is all about. Challenging the perspective on other peoples view point. All music started out as something people thought was pushing the boundaries. Which is what makes music so amazing. No matter what your personal taste it can be recognized that music will forever be in someone’s heart. The one song that isn’t your favorite can be the song that means the world to someone else.