M3GAN movie review

Jaedynn Clark, Staff Writer

New horror movie “M3GAN” was released in theaters on January 6, 2023, and there are some rather remarkable feedback from many viewers concerning the long awaited movie. 

Due to the significant amount of advertising all over multiple social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., there were high expectations. Majority of the attention drawn was because of the “iconic” dance featured in the movie. 

M3GAN went viral months before her film premiered thanks to a widely imitated dance curated for TikTok fame.” online critic Conor Murray said. 

The “horror” movie didn’t seem too scary to most, despite the killer doll made to resemble an actual living girl. 

Student Maya Chaparro had a brutally honest review when asked her thoughts on the movie, “To be honest, I think it was more funny than scary. There are some scenes that are kinda thrilling but otherwise I think it was sort of a waste of money seeing it in theaters”. 

However, some were pleased with this production and the unique mix of horror and comedy it provided. 

“It is a very interactive movie and very unexpected, you would never know what’s coming next. There’s also some scary, funny, and shocking parts.” student Natalie Viramontes said. 

Regardless of the few viewers that were, in a way, unsatisfied with the film, the overall rating still turned out to be a decent 3.8 average. This rating is followed by over 2,000 comments simply recognizing the overflow of comedy rather than thriller.