Euphoria season 2 review

Alesha Westbrook, Features Editor

In July of 2019 the first season of the very popular show Euphoria came out. They had everyone at a chokehold while we waited for the second season to come out. Well, finally on January 9th season two was released. There have been so many ratings, reviews, and opinions. It has been released that this second season has become the second most popular show to hit HBO max, coming second to Game of Thrones. They have managed 16.3 million viewers per episode they released this season. Writers have managed to capture mature scenarios that are realistic for their viewers to possibly relate to. There have been mixes of reviews, both good and bad, but there’s an overwhelming amount of good that seems to overpower most of the negative comments.

On Rotten Tomatoes website a writer, Ej Moreno, has stated, “Euphoria remains one of the most explosive, heartbreaking, and entertaining shows on television. Season 2 started strong and kept getting better, all the way to
an impressive finale. Thanks to the immense talent both behind and in front of the camera, Euphoria creates a world that is difficult to forget and impossible to ignore, for both.”

Although there’s been good reviews, another writer, Rachel Cooke, has stated, “It’s the prevailing tone, at once nasty and tedious, that I loathe; watching the show, my mood hovers somewhere between boredom and dread. Season
two is exactly what a drama seeking to spark conversation fears most: It’s skippable.”

Even with the differentiation with the reviews, the writers for this show have managed to film a captivating, yet frustrating season finale, which has left the show on a cliffhanger until the next season is released. Further news hasn’t yet been given to the public, other than a predicted date for the third season, which is the beginning of 2023.