King Richard Movie Review


Chiabella James

King RIchard stars Will Smith as the father of tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams. Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Allie VanMeerten, Staff Writer

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and produced by Westbrook Studios King Richard released November 19, 2021, is a drama/sport movie following Richard William’s determination to write his daughters, Serena and Venus, into history despite what seems like insurmountable odds. 

With Will Smith starring as Richard Williams, this film covers the financial and family dynamic struggles the Williams experienced on Serena and Venus’ road to success. The film also includes the way race played a role in their journey and how their family overcame those barricades.

IMDb, a site for the general public’s opinion on films, has an average rating of 7.6/10. One user says, “It’s not a highly original plot and setup for a sports movie, but it’s filled with love and humbleness, lots of humor, but also dominating parents that may be disliked by some…” giving the film a 7/10.

Sophomore Jerica Dillon said, “I really liked how they incorporated all the problems that Richard experienced and how he persevered to help get his daughters where they are now.”

The film has received some backlash for Richard’s parenting skills; however, the focus of the movie was not whether he is a good parent or not. It was a showcase of Richard’s plan for Venus and Serena and their perseverance through all the obstacles they were faced with. 

I would recommend giving King Richard a watch. It follows an interesting and well developed story worth the two hours and twenty-four minutes and is available to watch on HBO Max until December 19.