‘Hamilton’ to Stream on Disney Plus

Jada Carter, Staff Writer

The well-known and popular musical that tells the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton is releasing on Disney Plus July 3, 2020.  

According to NYTimes, “The show has grossed $650 million on Broadway, where it has been seen by 2.6 million people. And, before live performances around the world were shuttered in an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus, it was also playing in London and several North American touring productions.” Originally the movie was going to release on October 15, 2021 but due to the inconvenience of the pandemic, the date was pushed 15 months earlier. 

Michael Paulson, the editor of  ‘Hamilton’ Movie Will Stream on Disney Plus on July 3, explains the concept of the movie, expressing, “The movie consists largely of filmed performances, featuring the original Broadway cast, shot at the Richard Rodgers Theater in June 2016. The film, like the stage production, is directed by Thomas Kail; Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the musical, stars in the title role. In my opinion, the movie is meant to depict the show seen in live theaters. Also, since movie theaters and plays remain closed, entertainment platforms are taking advantage of this by providing access to new movies and shows months earlier. 

The writer also believes, “The release date is not accidental: the musical depicts the American Revolution, and July 4 is Independence Day in the United States.” Many others including me find this release date very coincidental with the time period of the musical.  

In addition, “Disney Plus, with more than 50 million subscribers, has been one of the bright spots in the ailing Disney empire, which, because of its dependence on theme parks and moviegoing, has been hit hard by the pandemic,” said Paulson. Disney Plus is the only source of income currently for Disney businesses. 

In summary, due to the pandemic, many Disney Plus movies, and shows are being released months earlier since many Americans continue staying home for the most part as the states slowly reopen.