Entertainment during quarantine

Kailey Staniszewski, staff writer

Due to social distancing procedures that are occurring around the United States, several people have had to cancel important events in their daily lives. This, of course, does not exclude people who are considered famous and widely seen in the public eye. Several people who are involved in the entertainment world have had to change their daily lives. Whether it be their filming being delayed or concerts being canceled, fame does not alter the guidelines in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

With movie theaters being closed at the moment, the box office sales aren’t doing the greatest, but companies are coming up with different ways to still get the films that they have put so much time into out to the viewers when they originally planned. A company that is doing this in a great way would be Dreamworks Studios, as they released their new film Trolls: World Tour‘ in a not so traditional style. Instead of having to go into a theater to see a movie premiere, they are offering the chance to see this star-filled film at home through multiple different media platforms including Youtube, Apple TV, Prime Video, and more. This shows that just because everyone may be stuck at home, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a great new film. 

This change in daily life is also impacting the music industry as tours are being canceled and music release dates are altering, however, one group that has been impacted that is handling the change quite well would be the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. Over the past nine years, they have created three albums together, and, during quarantine, they released their fourth album as a band, though it may not have been what they envisioned back in 2019 when they first started creating the album. They didn’t have a release party and they were not going around the world playing at different venues and radio stations promoting the album, but, instead, they went to social media getting their fans involved to create one of the best releases they have had to date.

When the album was first released, they had a live stream on Instagram with their fans to listen to the album for the first time and give their comments on the different songs. Then they created special merchandise unlike they’ve done before that also was released with different packages that they created to help keep everyone’s spirits up. They even started selling signed CDs, cassettes, and vinyl records of the album at a lower price. Though they haven’t had to cancel any concerts, it is still up in the air what will happen with the band’s European leg of the tour.

In the end, they don’t let the quarantine keep them down as they continue to release album content, including a music video that they all made in their own homes with a green screen edited together by their film director, proving that even though we may be stuck inside that doesn’t mean we have to stop expressing ourselves or enjoying what we have. It reminds us that it is the little things that can lift our spirits the highest.