What’s on students’ quarantine playlist?

Nicole Pizur, Features Editor


     With the mandatory quarantine order taking over the whole month of April, students are becoming increasingly frustrated about not being able to go out and do things they normally would. One thing students still have that seemingly helps the situation is their music. 

     When asked the question, “What is on your quarantine playlist and why,” many students responded with similar answers in which they all tend to lean towards calming music. Student Maria Ramierez says, “I’ve been listening to classical music more to stay calm from all the madness going on.” Other students gave comparable answers, stating sad, slower songs help them express how they’re feeling with everything happening and things being canceled. 

     On the other hand, there are students trying to stay positive in such confusing times. Senior Barbara Lunsford gave a specific song that helps her stay positive called “Overlap” by Catfish and the Bottlemen. “Faster music makes me feel happy. I think music is very strong with its ability to easily change our moods. In such an unfortunate time, good music can really help,” she added.  Upbeat music keeps moods high and gives optimism for things to get better at some point. The hit HBO show Euphoria’s soundtrack was also mentioned as being very helpful because it has both upbeat and calm vibes on it. 

     No matter what students are going through and feeling right now, their different music and playlists are helping them to cope in their own ways.