It Chapter 2: Horror movie review

Gabby Houde, Copy Editor

It Chapter One took the world by storm, so it is no surprise that a sequel soon followed. Sadly, the sequel didn’t quite live up to the expectations the first movie set for it.
It Chapter Two follows the same characters from It Chapter One 27 years later. Pennywise is back and worse than ever, and the old crew must all move back to Derry to destroy him once and for all. It starts pretty quickly with what is currently going on in Derry, and flashbacks throughout the movie only slightly help you remember what happened in the first movie. It might be helpful to rewatch It Chapter One before going to see It Chapter Two.
One of the biggest things to keep in mind before seeing this movie is that it is rated R. Some of the scenes are rather graphic and sensitive. Right at the start, the movie deals with very heavy topics including an intense hate crime, graphic suicide, and domestic abuse. There probably should have been some kind of warning label regarding these topics, as they could be triggering to some viewers. Viewers should keep this in mind before seeing it.
If viewers can get past those warnings, there are a lot of good things about the movie. The biggest being the casting and the transitions. It was very easy to tell which adult was which child all grown up, due to how well the actors were casted. Bill Hader was the highlight of the movie, with the funniest lines and the best interactions. There were many smooth transitions between what was currently going on with the characters and what happened to them 27 years ago. The switch between reality and flashbacks was done so well that other movies could even consider to do something similar.
There were a lot more bad things about the movie than good, however. A lot of the scarier scenes were so ridiculous that you almost felt more like laughing then screaming. The scares were also so paced out that they were extremely predictable when they actually occurred. The funny banter between the characters was enjoyable, but also helped to destroy the scare factor of the movie itself.

The pacing was also a little all over the place, to the point where some of the movie was a little hard to follow. This could have been due to the amount of character backgrounds the movie had to cover, and the way the movie went about it. There could have been more of a flow between what was going on with each character.
If you’re going into this movie for a good laugh and a decent storyline, this might be the movie for you. However, if you are going into this movie with the expectation to be jumping out of your seat in fright, this definitely isn’t the movie for you.