The Nun movie review

The Nun movie review

Lametre'anna Brown, staff writer

The Nun was a film that just came out last month. The film was a continuation of the Insidious trilogy that is about a boy who is having problems with demons in his home. In the movie it started off with the demon recap of the last movie then moving to a part where a nun hung herself. That opening itself bought the audience on their toes but soon after, the theatre began to fill with teeth smacks,and groans at how terrible it was.

Even though the ending of the film did come full circle with the trilogy the film’s plot was complete nonsense and somewhat jumpy. What also made me not like the movie was that it showed off the demon way too much to the point where it wasn’t scary anymore.

The movie had its times when it started to get somewhat good but once the whole “seal it with jesus’ blood” statement was made it lost me. That was just lazy writing.

Whoever sat there in that conference and said,”How about the only way to stop this demon is have Jesus’s blood and instead of their being a real actual quest, we put it in the basement.” is indeed not very creative at all. Overall the thing about this movie that made it trash was that the trailer overhyped the whole film. I would rather watch the trailer for an hour than watch that washed up film again.