Tonight Belongs To You tour review


Lametre'Anna Brown, staff writer

The Tonight Belongs To You Tour made a stop at the House Of Blues in Chicago on Friday of last week, where the group In Real Life performed. The group performed last because they were headlining. So I’ll begin with the opening act which was a 26 year old man named Spencer Sutherland. In my opinion, the best performance of that night was his set where he played a few cover songs like “Redbone” by Childish Gambino and “Sign Of The Times” by Harry Styles, and sang his own which was “Fine” and “Tell Me”.

I loved the energy Sam had and his strong vocals, but what I loved the most from him was his fan service. Right after his performance he went straight to the merchandise stand and took pictures with fans. He was very welcoming when he interacted with us and the rest of the people in line, including people standing in the lobby waiting to take pictures.

The next act that performed was a Filipino family called Jagmac, which consists of two girls and four boys. The six member group had a powerful performance, showing Chicago what they were about. They were flaunting off their amazing vocals and rap skills in the song ‘Be Honest’ but not only that; they also showed off their martial arts skills. I loved this performance because it was very different from what is usually shown in America and you can see actual effort, and that they were trying their hardest to appeal to the audience.The spontaneity of the members made them entertaining to watch for me. They performed songs from their freshly released album, “Right Back With You”. I spoke to some crowd members and they all agreed with each other that “Like Me” by Jagmac was the best part. As far as fan service, they could’ve done better, but I would definitely recommend stanning and streaming their music.

Now for the headliners, In Real Life, they were anticipated by the crowd and it was very wild and heated once those well built, handsome men, stepped foot on stage. The crowd went bonkers. Videos and photos did not do these men justice at all. They began to sing songs by classic boy bands like Jonas Brothers, Backstreet boys, One Direction, and similar groups. They were amazing. If you see them live and watch the energy and 100% effort they put in for the fans, you’d want to stan them as well. After the cover songs, one of the members Michael started ripping it up on the violin. They started to do solo segments to show themselves off. Once you’d see that, it would make you melt for these hunks. The solo segment I preferred most was Chance singing “Sweet Creature”. He was very charming and charismatic with his performance. I also enjoyed Brady’s segment, who I fell in love with because I swear we made eye contact for a whole 5 seconds. The last few songs were their own and I wasn’t really feeling them, but the song “Tattoo (how ‘bout you)” song stuck out.

Their fan service was pretty decent. I saw them trying to look every fan in the face to make sure they remembered them as well as Jagmac. They could definitely improve, but once it ended, for some reason Drew was outside the venue by himself around 11:20. He was a very sweet man and handsome if I may add again. I spoke to him for a little bit and then got a picture with him. Overall, the show was amazing and all acts were very talented and nice.