They’re not Crazy; They’re Rich Asians


Jared White, Features editor

Crazy Rich Asians is a newly released film directed by Jon M. Chu. The film features Constance Wu as Rachel Whu, a native New Yorker. Rachel travels to Singapore with her boyfriend Nick to meet his family during a wedding. In this time Rachel finds out that Nick’s family is stupidly rich! She has troubles finding her way through his family while still trying to be there for her boyfriend. It is difficult to talk about this movie without mentioning the all Asian cast that is featured in this film, which has not been done for the past 25 years, until now of course. Due to the cast, the film has gained publicity when it comes to representation of Asian culture. In Hollywood, Asian culture is rarely ever represented properly. Before Crazy Rich Asians came out, characters of Asian descent would be whitewashed. In other words, Hollywood would rather cast white, A-list actors to portray typically Asian characters. When it comes to Crazy Rich Asians, they depict the Asian culture in Singapore beautifully. The scenery as well as the cinematography in this film is gorgeous. Now, this film is a romantic comedy, but this one stands out, and that’s not just because of the all Asian cast. It is because the comedy in Crazy Rich Asians is genuine. The film also stays away from Asian stereotypes; which is an amazing step in the right direction for an accurate representation of race in Hollywood. Regardless of if you’re white, black, or brown, this film will make you laugh. Every character in Crazy Rich Asians seems like they would exist in real life. Not only that, but you can even relate to any one of the characters in the film. Cheska Salamat, former student at Joliet West says, “the film was awe inspiring”. This may be since she too can see herself as Rachel Whu. Crazy Rich Asians deserves all the praise, and publicity it is getting. It does a tremendous job at giving insight into a world we dont normally get so see.