“Scream Queens” season review


Murder, comedy, stupidity, horror, and mystery are all words relating to the insane TV show, Scream Queens. Photo courtesy of hulu.com.

Nicole Barlik, Assistant Views Editor

Murder, comedy, stupidity, horror, and mystery are all words relating to the insane TV show, Scream Queens. Scream Queens was created by Ian Brennan (producer, director, and writer of Glee), Brad Falchuk (writer of Glee and American Horror Story), and Ryan Murphy (producer, writer, and director of Glee and American Horror Story.) The TV show is rated TV-14, for all the action, such as the disturbing inappropriate content and cussing. Judging by the background of the producers, most people would expect an R rated TV show.

To give a summary of what the show is about, it’s about a girl named Grace Gardner, (Skylar Samuel) who starts college and wants to pledge into KAPPA household because her dead mother attended that same college and sorority. The moment Grace arrives, a red devil emerges and starts his/her killing spree. However, later in the show, viewers will discover that there are three red devil killers. Another problem arises in the KAPPA household; every girl that wants to join is completely allowed; but, Chanel Oberlin, (Emma Roberts) head of the KAPPA house, does not want nerdy, ugly, fat, girls joining her house. However, Dean Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) wanted to change the way Chanel ruled her sorority house. Clearly, this story has yet to unravel.

Watching this TV show, there are many popular celebrities that anybody would enjoy watching. For example, seeing Ariana Grande come back as Chanel #2 from her previous TV show, Victorious, as Cat or seeing Nick Jonas acting as the gay best friend, Boone Clemens. We also have Emma Roberts as the head of KAPPA household and the queen of all screams, Chanel Oberlin. Though, there are new actors and actresses joining this series such as, Skylar Samuels as the girl pledging to join the KAPPA household, who is the shy but confident new girl. Also, Diego Boneta is a new comer as Pete Martinez, the suspicious, mysterious boy that knows everything about the KAPPA house.

Over two weeks, the rating for the show is a three and a half out of five stars according to IMBD. As viewers watch more and more of this crazy plot, they start wondering who these killers are and why are they are doing all of this. Well, I guess everyone has to watch to find out…