Horoscope: October

Whats your horoscope for this month? Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline.com.

What’s your horoscope for this month? Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline.com.

Joey Hein, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Aries: You’ve been feeling out of your element lately. Resorting to solitude isn’t such a bad idea for you. Doing so could help clear your mind and reassure you of your own priorities.

Taurus: Luck is on your side, Taurus. Take some educated risks and watch the proceedings pile up.

Gemini: Lately you’ve been receiving what you want, but not necessarily need. The effect is unsettling as you feel as if you should be happy but aren’t. Make sure you communicate your problems to peers rather than work over them.

Cancer: Stay humble, Cancer, for recognition is finally coming your way. Do your best to accept flattery and resume your valiant efforts knowing that you needn’t always be praised.

Leo: You may feel like you’re competing for someone else’s affection lately. Since you aren’t so soft spoken, your best option is likely just show them you care. Meanwhile don’t get hung up on the attention they supply others.

Virgo: Drowning in opportunities? Don’t worry Virgo, you’ll gradually find your way to where you belong. On the way don’t fear mistakes for they’re the best teachers.

Libra: You are definitely coming out on top amongst your peers, Libra. You’ll do your best not to rub it in their face but they may give you grief anyway. Just let them know how much you deserve it for your hard work and perfectionism.

Scorpio: You’re evaluating your success lately. Some of your judgment is even finding its way to your relationships. Try to turn your caring into sincerity rather than being condescending.

Sagittarius: Your life is in harmony, Sagittarius, but you may have to step away from routine to realize it. You’re ready to accomplish anything but relaxing it seems. Give yourself a break.

Capricorn: Despite immense efforts on your part towards a project, you’re feeling unsatisfied with the results. You’re fickle nature drives you to find a way to make improvements, but part of you is also ready to throw the towel in.

Aquarius: Try harder to relate to your friends, Aquarius. While your outlook and advice is usually useful, they cannot always top genuine empathy. Where you may disagree, try to foster understanding even if you can’t make concessions to the other side.

Pisces: Embrace mystery, Pisces. You can’t possibly hope to understand everything, especially all the crevices of your personality. Do what feels right to yourself, knowing that the only expectations you have to fulfill is your own.