Speakeasy of Modern Times

Joey Hein, staff writer

Coffeehouse is a growing West tradition that has been carried through year to year by assorted staff such as librarian Amy Lingafelter, and teachers Mark Eleveld and Joe Chellino. It is held on various Tuesdays throughout the school year in the little theater. The Coffee House experience is described by current host Adriana Vaca as a “chill, friendly” atmosphere available for students to express themselves through art such as reciting poetry, singing, or playing musical instruments.

Typical procedure entails students signing in with their ‘piece’ (song, passage, poem, etc.) in order to be introduced randomly by Adriana. The performer takes stage and mic while those in the audience are treated to hot chocolate and encouraged to purely enjoy the performance.

The weight of performances is not like that of talent shows or recitals, instead, Coffeehouse is a place where mistakes are accepted and the goal is merely to appreciate others’ company and inspirations.

Only a few rules exist, and are in place for everyone’s enjoyment. The first is a performance limit of either two songs, two poems, or one of each; those who choose to sing may not do so with headphones, since the singer is detached from the crowd. Secondly, Coffeehouse calls for an obscenity-free environment without swearing or offensive language. Last of all, as mentioned before, mistakes are welcome and the professionalism of normal shows are disregarded. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

The next Coffee House is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10th, after school, located as always, in the little theatre. Musicians and players of instruments galore, in addition to poets and those linguistically inclined, are invited to participate, as fresh talent is always savored.