Fall Play: Playing Doctor Preview

Estefania Unzueta, Entertainment Editor

For this year’s fall play will be the comedy Playing Doctor, a play written by Samuel French. The play surrounds Rob Brewster, who is beloved by his parents for becoming the doctor of their dreams. What they don’t know is that he spent all the tuition money for medical school on a lavish apartment and is now pursuing a failing writing career. So when the inevitable visit of his parents approaches, he enlists in his roommate and secretary to pretend to be his patients and a nurse. Since this play will be a farce, there will be crazy tactics and ample amounts of horseplay.

The play will be directed by English 2 teacher Ms. Allison, who is ecstatic for this year’s production,” I chose this play because, it’s just something fun and challenging for the actors. I’m psyched to see the cast perform this. The cast is just phenomenal, there were seventy-one auditions this year, which everyone did great. It was very hard to pick, but I’m glad with my choices.” This year’s cast is a very small one, with only 8 members and a very small crew as well.

Senior Abassi Kelley will play the lead of Rob Brewster, sophomore Eric Shuler will play his wacky actor roommate Jimmy Carmichael, and Emma Sheikh will play Maureen. Allison remains happy with her choice of choosing Kelley for the lead, “I just know he will be one-hundred percent committed in this. He’s such a dedicated, talented actor.” Eric Schuler agrees with her. ”I feel like the whole cast is just a really great group of people, they all worked very hard to get where they are. I have great expectations for this year’s fall play, it is going to be top of the line funny.”             Allison hopes this year’s fall play will make a difference, “My goal is to expand the drama program to get as many people involved. But overall, I just want it to be an amazing production. It will be hilarious. “Performances will be start on Friday, November 21st at 7:00 p.m. Saturday November 22nd at 7:00 p.m. Sunday, November 23rd at 3:00p.m.