A Night out at the Movies

Lydia Schrock, Staff Writer

As the weather gets colder and the sky becomes gray, the comfort of dimmed lights, the smell of popcorn, and candy is becoming more and more appealing. Now is the perfect time to see all of the movies everyone has been dying to see. Sweat pants, hoodies, romance, action, thrill, sweet-buttery snacks; what could be better?

Some top box office movies that are currently out include, Let’s Be Cops, The Hundred Foot Journey, and If I Stay. All have been claimed worthy of a night out at the theater.

Let’s be Cops, an action and adventure, comedy is about two friends who dress up as cops for a costume party, and become the sensation of the night. However, things take a turn and the two get caught in a real life mess involving real life criminals and detectives. The comical movie was rated at a 62% by the audience, and was genuinely well liked.

A drama, The Hundred Foot Journey, is about a young Indian teen, Hassan, in France that works for his father’s culinary adversary. When the family is forced to move to India they settle in a peaceful town in south France, across from Madame Mallory’s French restaurant, and the family opens up an Indian restaurant only 100 feet way. Madame Mallory does not welcome the competition and ignites a dispute that quickly escalates. The only solution to the dispute relies on Hassan’s talent for French cuisine and his growing crush on the Madame’s sous chef. Mallory becomes impressed with Hassan’s extraordinary talents in cooking, and agrees to become his mentor.   The movie was very well liked among critics and the audience. This moving and emotional film is a must see.

Another drama, If I stay, based on a bestselling book is very popular in the theaters. The movie stars a young teen named Mia Hall. Mia believes that the hardest decision she would ever have to make would be to either pursue her musical dreams and attend Julliard, or stay behind to be with her true and first love, Adam. But when her family goes for a drive in the car, her life changes forever. With a car crash killing her family and leaving Mia in a state between life and death, Mia must make the ultimate decision, deciding life or death. The symbolic movie captures the life of a teenager and how the choices we make affect us and the ones we love. The movie is yet another, must see of the year.

With fall nearing, and cold weather approaching there couldn’t be any better time to take the night out to the movies. With so many fantastic movies coming out to the theaters, the experiences are endless.