Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2

Antonio Barrios, Contributing Writer

Everyone’s favorite web-slinger is on the big screen for the fifth time. This sequel takes place a little bit after 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. He has a new suit, and New York loves him. When you see it, you will most likely love it.

The performances in this movie were great. Andrew Garfield is still perfect as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. And his on-screen romance with co-star and real life girlfriend Emma Stone is very enjoyable to watch. The two have very good chemistry. Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn/ Green Goblin was a stroke of casting genius. You may not like the fact the fact that Harry is the Goblin instead of his father Norman, but you will enjoy watching Harry become the Goblin. Jamie Foxx was good as the outcast Spider-Man fanatic Max Dillon. Paul Giamatti would have been a good Rhino in the movie, if he was in it more. As Electro, he played a great villain with a cool look, voice, and powers who wants to destroy Spider-Man and rule the city. He also has good lines, like “Let’s go catch a spider” and “You want to know how powerful I am. So do I.” These are catchy quotes.

The action in the movie is incredible. The special effects are all top notch. Especially the ones they used for Electro. He looks cool, and so do his lightning blasts. Spider-Man swinging through buildings still looks fun and cool, like always. The suits worn by Green Goblin and Rhino look amazing, and so does Goblins glider.

All of this aside, the movie still has one major problem. The ending, despite being good, felt a little bit forced. Despite this, the movie is still a good time. We’re talking about Spider-Man, one of the most well beloved superheroes of all time. And one scene (don’t worry, no spoilers) will affect you more than the others. Even if you were expecting it, it will still affect you. The stakes in this movie are higher than in the first one. Seeing him on the big screen isn’t exactly a painful experience. It’s already at the top of the box office, with $92 million.