Almost There Magazine


The cover of “Almost There” magazine by Mike Maticka.

Jenny Glasscock, Features Editor

On February 3, 2014, junior Michael Maticka brought and distributed his first self-created magazine to school, which he shared with friends and classmates. The magazine, called “Almost There”, is a collaborative feature of the artistic work of Maticka and five other students—Kyra Adams, Sophie Zambrano, Matt Arguin, Greta McGuire and Tracy Wysock.

The magazine includes the original artwork, drawings, photography and poetry of a talented few students who have a passion for the arts. Kyra Adams and Tracy Wysock included their poems “Things I will look back fondly on” and “An Addict’s Testimony” respectively. Earlier this school year, Wysock performed her poem at an open mic Coffee House after school.

Sophie Zambrano and Greta McGuire shared their original artwork. Zambrano’s art consisted of a drawing, and also pictures collaborated with printed words in collages. McGuire included sketches of people and animals.

For the photography portion, Matt Arguin and Michael Maticka showcased their unique photography. Arguin’s photography were landscapes and nature, while Maticka’s was more abstract.

All of the artists who shared their art provided their Twitter and Tumblr accounts so other students interested could readily find more of the artists’ work.

Maticka is planning on putting together more magazines in the future with other artists who want to contribute their art.

“I think it’s awesome that Mike is showcasing young people doing creative things,” McGuire said.

Maticka is a photography student and active member of the Tiger Tales newspaper and Alpha Omega Yearbook. He’s known for designing the header of the newspaper, creating posters and is one the leaders for aesthetic ideas for the yearbook.

Contact Michael Maticka if you’re interested in a copy of his magazine.