That Awkward Moment

Sydney Czyzon, Views Editor

The up-and-coming 94-minute movie, That Awkward Moment, featuring actors Zac Efron as Jason, Miles Teller as Daniel, and Michael B. Jordan as Mikey, came in at number three in the box office with $9 million. This romantic comedy has stolen the hearts of teenage girls across the country and has proven the continued success of former Disney star Zac Efron as he dominates the main character role.

The three men are introduced as being a small group of best friends. Soon, Mikey finds out this his wife, Vera, had been cheating on him with a lawyer. Heartbroken and despaired, he goes to his friends to talk over the situation in the hopes of feeling better. However, Jason and Daniel don’t necessarily understand. They seem to see the whole thing as a new-found freedom for their best friend.

They all make a bet to each stay single; this way, they are all single together and can support their friend’s new divorce distraught. They go to bars, restaurants, play video games, and end up hooking-up with various women along the way. Although this isn’t the most mature way to handle adulthood, the men are desperate to remain single for the sake of the bet.

Inevitably, though, Jason spots an interesting woman named Ellie in a bar that he goes to. She is attractive, witty, and seems intelligent. They instantly hit it off, and, of course, Jason is eager to hook-up with his new catch. Afterwards, though, he is scared off after thinking she simply wants money from him and sneaks off.

The next day, unfortunately, he is confronted by her when she is hired at the book design company he holds an occupation at as well. They eventually talk things out, and continue their communication. As the plot continues, the two fall for each other throughout each twist and turn; either positive or negative.

Daniel goes through a similar experience, soon falling in love with his friend Chelsea. They understand each other, make each other laugh, make each other happy, and seem to have a true connection. They both experience obstacles, such as Daniel lying that he isn’t in a relationship in order to not lose the bet, but ultimately overcome these challenges.

Mikey doesn’t truly get over his ex-wife, Vera, until the end of the film. They hook-up and get together multiple times, but Mikey realizes that Vera doesn’t really love him anymore. They had a meaningful relationship in the past, but it doesn’t end up working out. Mikey calls a girl he met at the bar a few months ago and the two arrange to hang out sometime.

All in all, the intriguing storyline is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seat. It isn’t too long or too short of a movie and is suitable for both males and females. However, the film is rated R so a parent or guardian’s permission is required if under the age of 17. Some content could be considered inappropriate, but not overwhelmingly so. The movie balances to have audiences laughing, on the verge of crying, and in an intense trance of concentration; therefore, it would definitely be recommended as a fun weekend activity.