The band that is no more

Rachael Nevsimal, contributing writer

On October 11, 2012, the Jonas Brothers performed a reunion concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Almost exactly a year to the date, the Jonases cancelled their highly anticipated comeback tour with the reasoning being a “deep rift within the band” over “creative differences”. Shortly afterwards, the official Jonas Brothers twitter got deleted, making a breakup seem imminent.

In an interview on Good Morning America on October 30th, the brothers confirmed the split. Nick Jonas said that he was the one to bring up the tough conversation and really share his heart with his brothers. He felt like there had been issues within the band for a while now, and they needed to be discussed before the band just fell apart. Joe Jonas also shared that he felt like the music was starting to go in too many different directions and becoming kind of stale.

When talking about the future, Kevin, Nick and Joe all said they were excited about it. Nick wants to write and record his own music with more of a blues sound, and also talked of a possibility of acting and going back on Broadway. Joe also wants to act and hopes to make music combining his love of pop, alternative and hip-hop. Kevin mentioned that he would like to pursue his passion, which is the business side of the industry, and is looking forward to having a baby girl with his wife Danielle.

Even though this is the end for now, the Jonas Brothers never said this was a definite end. Nick suggested that the first step was to rebuild their relationship as brothers. They started as brothers, and will always be brothers.

Never say never to a reunion in the future from these three boys.