The horror returns

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

For the past few months, American Horror Story fans have been teased with trailers, character descriptions, and episode synopses. On October 9th, the next chapter of the story began.

The third season of American Horror Story, entitled Coven, premiered its first episode with an hour long special. As the show started, viewers were introduced to the villainous played by Kathy Bates. This wicked historian enslaved African Americans and tortured and killed them in search for external youth, this vile theme was carried onto the screen. After a quick intermission, the terror resumed with a doe-eyed Zoe Benson played by Taissa Farmiga and an anxious teenage boyfriend figure. The hormonal couple soon discovers incredible abilities as her witchy side takes over and takes her boyfriend’s life. Zoe was then sent by her mother to a secret school for witches in New Orleans, the 21st century Salem. At this school, Zoe encounters three young mythological, but somehow very believable beings. Madison Montgomery being another witch, Nan being a clairvoyant woman, and Queenie, a human voodoo doll. The quartet is soon introduced to a familiar Cordelia Foxx played by Sarah Paulson. Cordelia runs the school for young witches but continues to state that she is no greater than any other young witch.

Viewers are then greeted by the head supreme, the most powerful witch of today, in search of everlasting youthfulness. Fiona Goode is discovered to have the unbelievable power to suck the life out of her victims as to take their years and make them her own. After the dramatic murder of one of Fiona’s doctors, the scene cuts to the four new young witches having a heated debate at dinner. After Queenie and Nan leave the table, Madison invites Zoe to a college frat party. This is where viewers meet Kyle, played by Evan Peters. The insane house party features underage drinking, drugs, and other intimate encounters. As Zoe and Kyle converse about their love at first sight crush for each other, Madison is seen being taken advantage of by one of Kyle’s frat friends while she is under the influence. This leads to Zoe and Madison chasing the frat boys down the midnight street. With a flip of her finger and a wink of her eye, Madison flips the party bus that Kyle and his friends left in. This leaves Zoe devastated as she was beginning to connect with Kyle. However we have not seen the last of her Frankenstein man.

Fiona’s search for youth takes her and the other girls, minus Cordelia, into the New Orleans town square. This is where Nan wanders off and finds Madame LaLaurie’s original living quarters, which is now a tourist attraction in modern day. As the group follows the tour guide that greeted them at the door, the supreme listens intently as the woman tells the undercover witches about LaLaurie’s dark past. Nan and Fiona are then shown sitting near a bubbling fountain looking at the broken bricks surrounding the structure. On that night, Fiona and a few hired grave robbers dig up the previously unknown whereabouts of LaLaurie. After cracking open the ancient crypt, Fiona and viewers alike are shocked when the Madame is revealed to still be alive.

This witchy season of American Horror Story: Coven is sure to give the fans everything they wanted. Similar to previous two seasons, the third season will continue the tradition of having twelve episodes. American Horror Story: Coven will be aired every Wednesday at 9 PM on FX.