Joliet West enters Katy Perry contest

Rachel Buechel, News Editor

Good Morning America recently held a contest for high school students. The objective was to make a video to Katy Perry’s new song “Roar”. If you get picked Katy Perry comes to your school for a free concert. The kids in journalism decided to give a chance, and sent in an entry. Throughout homecoming week and the Friday Flyover, the footage seemed to create itself, and since our school is home of the tigers it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it out.

The rules of the contest were to create a video to showing your school spirit to Katy Perry’s “Roar”. The video had to be two minutes long, so there was only so much you could try to incorporate. With the help of the staff and the students coming together, the journalism kids were able to try for a chance to win.

The homecoming assembly was a perfect place to start filming. It is meant to show how much school spirit we have. With the band playing music and the cheerleaders and poms performing, it seemed to be the perfect set up for the video. Another perfect opportunity was the Friday Flyover. Having around 500 people out on the football field at five in the morning made such a great chance to show how we have school spirit, and that we deserve a chance for Katy Perry to perform for us.

Another thing that enhanced our filming was borrowing the tiger costume, which was something that was needed to be done. The video is based around tigers, so we just had to have the tiger dancing and jumping around in the video as well. With the help of editing, our entry seemed to have a significant promise for a chance to win. The video was welled reviewed, with the many shares it got on Facebook and great reviews.

Overall, we were not one of the finalists, but it was a great opportunity for our school to come together and show our school spirit.