Aussies take over the Rivera

Samantha Kessler, Copy Editor

The River Theatre was fully packed with an excited crowd on October 10, 2013 for the Australian band Tame Impala.

Before Tame Impala took the stage, the band White Denim performed a small set. White Denim is a four piece band from Austin, Texas, comprised of James Petralli, Joshua Block, Steven Terebecki, and Austin Jenkins. The band mixes together different styles, like rock, blues, soul, and jazz, to create a unique sound. Even though the band does have an interesting sound, it was difficult to hear the lyrics, which ruined the experience a bit. Also, the group didn’t have much stage presence, as they didn’t really connect with the crowd, it appeared that no one was too into it. White Denim only performed for about a half hour and only got in a few songs.

Tame Impala is made up of Kevin Parker, Jay “Gumby” Watson, Dominic Simper, Cam Avery, and Julien Barbagallo. Even though this group is considered a band, it’s really just Parker’s project. He has actually written and created the past few albums on his own. On the recordings for the albums, for the most part, it’s strictly Parker on all vocals and nearly all instruments. But, even so, when the five musicians come together, it’s quite amazing.

For their 90 minute set, after a short intro, the band moved into their more upbeat song “Endors Toi.” They didn’t waste much time interacting with the crowd, they just moved through their music. The songs “Solitude is Bliss,” “Alter Ego,” “Music to Walk Home by,” and “Why Won’t They Talk To Me,” were performed along with much of their other music from their albums Innerspeaker and Lonerism. The band did change up a number of their songs though by adding different instrumental parts where there is not usually. The encore consisted of the songs “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” and “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control.”

Even though the band did not interact with the crowd very much that audience was captivated by not only their music but their stage setup. They had a massive projection screen that originally just had a simple line projected on it. But it was actually set up to each instruments, so when they were played different shapes and designs were created. About half way through the show, Parker had his own solo in which he played with screen to create different things.

This concert was one of the calmest concerts I have ever been to, there wasn’t any pushing and shoving and no crazy fan girls, which allowed for every person to just listen to and enjoy the music.